PreCoat McCall

Who We Are

Precoat McCall is a local company based out of McCall, Idaho that precoats siding and prefinishes interior finish trim.

Why Precoat?

Precoating siding can ensure that your product is protected which then allows your product to last longer. In addition, it helps to prevent shrink back lines from the wood drying out. Wood naturally expands and contracts during temperature changes. When the stain is applied after installation, the whole board is not coated. With precoating, there are no worries for exposure to sections that may expand and contract. This helps seal the wood and protect it from the harsh mountain living environments.

Our Process

All of our finish trim and siding is delivered to our shop. In doing so we are providing a product that is in a controlled temperature environment that allows us to apply the finish correctly. Finish trim is pre-hung and sanded to the appropriate level guaranteeing a quality finished product. Precoat McCall employs experienced and knowledgeable personnel. Our employees mix our own custom water-based stain onsite and are able to match any custom color or cabinet color provided. They are able to apply up to 4 coats of lacquer for any cabinet grade finish.